Our Kitchen Is Closed For The 2022 Winter Season

Our restaurant is currently closed for the winter season. To continue producing high quantities of high-quality food in our 2023 summer season we will be working on expanding the kitchen this winter. We are excited to tackle this during the slower months! 

This will be the first and only season without food in the barn.


The BAR IS OPEN serving cocktails, wine, and beer only Friday and Saturday 12pm – 9pm and Sunday 11am – 3pm.

The restaurant will reopen spring 2023! We are currently booking Christmas parties and events in the barn, outside catering allowed.

As your fine-dining experience in the White Mountains, our kitchens wander the line between refined and rugged. Executive Chef Lucas Ardemagni takes you on a tour of what we like to call Rustic Mountain Cuisine, borrowing from local fare and haute cuisine alike. Guests enjoy meals family style in our 18th century barn; prepare to indulge in handmade delicacies, craft cocktails, and even the occasional S’more to mix things up.

Summer 2022 Menus

Weekly Offerings

We offer seasonally inspired cuisine expertly prepared for our guests using fresh ingredients and seasonal flavorings.  Click on the links below to explore our Seasonal Menus:

Sunday Brunch Tasting Menu

Join us on Saturday evenings to indulge in our signature family style tasting menu. Follow Executive Chef Lucas Ardemagni as he takes you on a tour of what we like to call rustic mountain cuisine. Family Style at The Lost Restaurant means breaking bread and sharing dishes within your party either at the family table or with a craft cocktail in our lounge area overlooking the best views in Greer. Checkout our upcoming menus!